RuckusRoots believes in the power of the creative process to affect positive change in the world.

We’re working with groundbreaking innovators to give young people in Northeast Los Angeles a chance to express themselves creatively and sustainably. We’re proud to collaborate with the following artists, organizations and schools:

avanceAcademiaAvance combines rigorous academic preparation with the development of real-world skills. All of our graduates will have a college career preparation that exceeds all of the University of California class requirements, with emphasis on the development of successful life-long learning habits. This is combined with the application of learned concepts via projects, internships, and multi-cultural experiences. As a small public charter school, Academia Avance offers an excellent tuition-free education in a safe nurturing environment, and is operated and governed with community input.

legacylogoFounded in 2007, Legacy LA is a community based non-profit organization focused on youth development.  Its mission is to make positive interventions in the lives of young people by offering alternatives to gangs and violence.  In its effort to build youth’s capacity to reach their full potential and equip them with the tools to transform their lives and their community, Legacy has partnered with RuckusRoots to offer TRASHformation programs to East LA youth.

2012-10-11_13-29-30_559Nightingale Middle School is located in Cypress Park in East Los Angeles. It is home to the D3 Lab, where RuckusRoots has implemented TRASHformation programs for its student body of 6-8th graders. Due to budget cuts, Nightingale MS is unable to offer many visual arts classes to its students, so RuckusRoots TRASHforamtion helps fill this void.

The ReCycle is the world’s first bike line with both frame and fork made from 100% recycled aluminum content. Every other component on the ReCycle bikes is either sourced from a local company, made in the USA, or made from renewable materials. In short, The ReCycle is the world’s most sustainable line of bikes. Learn more about our partnership with the ReCycle here, and get your own ReCycle ride here.


The D3 Lab is a collaboration between the Pearson Foundation’s New Learning Institute and Nightingale Middle School. It is a space and learning model that inspires students to Dream It, Design It, and Do It. RuckusRoots is running a TRASHformation program through D3 Lab with students at Nightingale Middle School, which entails everything from devising a system for collecting trash and recycling items, to hosting a student-run waste audit and designing and building a functional, sustainable art piece out of campus-generated waste items. Learn more.



Art Contraptions is an LA-based design and fabrication house that specializes in everything from large scale, interactive sculpture to innovative  furniture and web design. RuckusRoots and Art Contraptions are collaborating on designing interactive sustainability learning tools that directly address the needs of schools and communities. We’d say more, but then we’d have to kill you. Stay tuned!



The now-famous Scraper Bike Movement, based in Oakland, CA and featured on NPR, helps underprivileged youth find creativity and community through biking and art. Scraper Bike founder Baybe Champ joined RuckusRoots at Bike Bash 2011.



Ant Farm/Art Customs is an LA-based collective creative thinkers that turns large-scale artistic dreams into reality. They are builders and painters, designers and engineers, working with materials ranging from water and wood to metal and found objects. Ant Farm is now collaborating with RuckusRoots on current projects (including TRASHformation and Bike Bash).


Matt Moldover is a San Francisco-based electronic musician and artist, and creator of the Octamasher. The Octamasher is an interactive music installation that connects eight unique instruments to one computer brain and allows virtually anyone to jump right in, play samples, tweak loops, interact with other people, and have fun!

Paso Pacífico‘s mission is to restore and conserve the natural ecosystems of Central America’s Pacific slope by collaborating with landowners, local communities and involved organizations to promote ecosystem conservation. Paso Pacifico and RuckusRoots teamed up to present Trap Attack, a fundraiser and art party benefiting jaguar conservation efforts in Nicaragua.

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