This week during TRASHformation: Fabric Mache

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Last week saw a lot of progress made in our TRASHformation program at Academia Avance middle school in Highland Park. Since the students had recently learned how to create a small 3D sculptural model, it was now time to think about how we will create the “skin” of our piece. Besides mentoring the students, Rebekah ...

In Full Swing: TRASHformation in Highland Park

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With our TRASHformation program in full swing at Academia Avance middle school, we decided to push the flow of creativity and excitement by having each student prototype their original sculpture ideas. We did this so each student could gain a greater understanding of the process to creating their own large-scale art piece; from drafting art ...

Day 2: Academia Avance’s TRASHformation

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We started off classes by introducing the selected art proposal from last week, which will serve as inspiration towards our final project. The winner, Brisa Cabrera Diaz, age 11, wrote her proposal based on her experience with her teddy bear, which makes her feel better when she hugs it. She wrote of an individual capable ...

New TRASHformation Program Begins at Academia Avance

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This past Tuesday, January 21st, marked the kick-off of our TRASHformation project with the Academia Avance Middle School students in Lincoln Heights. We are very excited to find out what ideas these kids have in store for our lead artist, Miss Rebekah Waites (creator of the Church Trap). From prep-time at 8:00 a.m. to dismissal ...

Thank You, Highland Park Neighborhood Council

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We are pleased to announce the Highland Park Neighborhood Council has awarded us a Neighborhood Purpose Grant to support the upcoming TRASHformation we will be conducting with middle school students from Academia Avance. The program starts on Tuesday, January 21st, and we couldn't be more excited, and thrilled to have the support of the community! ...

Interview with a Highland Park Innovator

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     Many believe the first step towards change begins with one’s self; this belief has proven to be more than just an idea to an extraordinary Highland Park resident. Chan Wing Lam has proven himself much more than just a loving husband and father, but also an innovator who has recently acted upon his ...

Meet our fall Strong Roots Interns

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Fall Strong Roots Internship As part of our Strong Roots internship program, RuckusRoots has taken on two new interns for the fall semester. Strong Roots is an internship program in which LA teens learn sustainable art, building and design skills with guidance from RuckusRoots staff artists. Both interns, seniors from Academia Avance Charter School in Highland Park, ...

Call to Artists in the East LA Area!

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Ruckus Roots, a local non-profit organization, is seeking an energetic, optimistic mind for a TRASHFormation project to take place once a week, beginning in the month of January, (2014) and running for 2 or 3 months. TRASHformation is an interactive, improvisational art experience that transforms community-generated waste into a substantially and collaboratively built art piece, aims ...

Chimes for Change: A Success at Soundwalk 2013

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RuckusRoots premieres 'Chimes for Change' at Soundwalk  Last Saturday, Loyola High School students from our pilot 'Chimes for Change' program displayed over 30 wind chime sound installations at Soundwalk, one of the country's biggest sound art exhibits, in Long Beach. The program was a collaboration with music and sound art teacher Steven Speciale and visual artist ...

Find us at Soundwalk!

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Soundwalk, here we come! All the cool kids are doing it! And if you're one of the cool kids, you'll be joining us this Saturday in Long Beach for the 10th Annual Soundwalk Festival, where students from Loyola High School, our first ever Chimes for Change participants, will be showing off their amazing wind chime work. Chimes ...